Detailed Information
Full Name YOSHIMATSU Masako Date of Birth 1968/11
Affiliation Hospital Perioperative Period Mouth Management Center
TEL +81-95-819-7669 FAX +81-95-819-7670
Job Title Assistant Professor Academic Degrees /
Education 1993/03¸Nagasaki University¸Faculty of Dentistry¸Graduated
2005/09¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School, Division of Dental Research¸Doctor Course¸Completed
Employment Experience 2005/10 - 2007/03¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences¸Graduate School of Biomedical Science¸Research Associate
2007/04 - *¸Nagasaki University¸Hospital¸Specialized Dentistry¸Assistant Professor
Specialties Orthodontic/infant odontology¸Social odontology
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Technical Consulting
Themes for Prospective Joint Research
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Research Themes in the Past
Literary Works, Books, Writings and Research Papers, Art Works, Industrial Products, Software, Sports Records, etc.
1 A case of adult anterior cross-bite utilizing the dental implant¸7.1.23-32¸2011/12
2 Masako YOSHIMATSU, Hideki KITAURA, Takayoshi TOBITA, Izumi ASAHINA, Noriaki YOSHIDA:Management of orthognatic patient after IVRO¸5.1.49-54¸2009/12
3 An experimental tooth movement model by orthodontic force in mice and its application to TNF receptor-deficient mice¸24.1.20-27¸2006/01
Research Activities, etc
Participation in Lectures and Seminars Organized by Private Bodies
1 The Expression of AIRE in TEC Cell Lines¸日本免疫学会学術大会¸2007/11
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