Detailed Information
Full Name KOGA Yoshiyuki Date of Birth
Affiliation Hospital General Dentistry
Job Title Lecturer Academic Degrees /
Education 1959/03¸Kyushu University¸Faculty of Dentistry¸Graduated
Employment Experience 1984/10 - 2001/06¸Nagasaki University¸School of Dentistry¸Research Associate
2001/07 - *¸Nagasaki University¸School of Dentistry¸Lecturer
Specialties Orthodontic/infant odontology(Orthodontics)
Academic Societies
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Technical Supervision
Technical Consulting
Themes for Prospective Joint Research
Themes for Ongoing Research Orthodontic force System
Research Themes in the Past
Literary Works, Books, Writings and Research Papers, Art Works, Industrial Products, Software, Sports Records, etc.
1 Koga Y, Yoshida N et. Al:A study on the effect of molar vertical demension on mandibular incisor position¸J Kyushu Orthod Soc¸7.1.11-18¸2011/12
2 Hamanaka R, Yamaoka S, Nguyen Anh T, Tominaga J, Yoshida N:Numeric simulation model for long-term orthodontic tooth movement with contact boundary conditions using the finite element method¸Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop¸152.5.601-602¸2017/10
3 3. Yoshimi T, Koga Y, Nakamura A, Fujishita A, Kohara H, Moriuchi E, Yoshimi K, Tsai CY, Yoshida N:Mechanism of motor coordination of masseter and temporalis muscles for increased masticatory efficiency in mice¸J Oral Rehabil¸44.5.363-374¸2017/05
4 The development of simple photo documentation management system in orthodontic practice¸Journal of Kyushu Orthodontic Society¸5.1.45-48¸2009/12
5 Jun-ya Tominaga, Motohiro Tanaka, Yoshiyuki Koga:Optimal Loading Conditions for Controlled Movement of Anterior Teeth in Sliding Mechanics¸Angle Orthodontist¸79.6.1102-1107¸2009/12
6 Relationship Between Dsrection of Hdrersian Candls and Stress Distribution in Mdndible¸Bone Morphometry¸5.¸1985/00
7 Treatment Cases of Abnormally Positioned Canines due to Extraction of Impacted Maxillary Central Incisors¸J. Nishi-Nippon Orthod.¸30.¸1986/00
8 Japaneses Normal Stndards on the Cephalometrics for Orthognahic Surgery (COGS) by Burston and Others¸J. Jpn. Orthod¸44.¸1985/00
9 Correlation between the Shapes of Hard Tissue and Nose evaluated by lateral Cephalogram¸J. Nishi-Nippon Orthod¸37/2,127-135.¸1992/00
10 A Study on the location of center of rotation of the tooth subjected to the load using a magnetic sensing system for theree dinensional displacement¸J. Jpn. Soc. Stomatognath. Funct.¸5/,21-30.¸1998/00
Research Activities, etc
Participation in Lectures and Seminars Organized by Private Bodies
Education Information
2014 - * (Spring, 2nd year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 20.00%)
2012 - * (Spring, 5th year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 6.70%)
2009 (Others¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 6.70%)
2009 (Fall, 1st year¸4class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 28.60%)
2009 (Others¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 6.70%)
2009 - * (Spring, 1st year¸4class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 25.00%)
2009 - * (Spring, 4th year¸4class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 18.20%)
2009 - * (Spring, 4th year¸4class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 18.20%)
Others (Self promotion, etc.)