Detailed Information
Full Name KIMURA Masanari Date of Birth 1967/05
Affiliation Graduate school of Engineering Division of Chemistry and Materials Science
Job Title Professor Academic Degrees /
Education 1990/03¸Nagasaki University¸Faculty of Engineering¸Other
1995/03¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School, Division of Marine Science and Engineering¸Doctor Course¸Other
Employment Experience 1995/04 - 2004/03¸Nagasaki University¸Faculty of Engineering¸Applied Chemistry¸Research Associate
2004/04 - 2007/03¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School of Science and Technology¸Environmental Science¸Research Associate
2007/04 - 2008/03¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School of Science and Technology¸Environmental Science¸Assistant Professor
2008/04 - 2010/05¸Nagasaki University¸Faculty of Engineering¸Applied Chemistry¸Associate Professor
2010/06 - *¸Nagasaki University¸Faculty of Engineering¸Division of Materials and Chemical Research¸Professor
Specialties Synthetic chemistry(Synthetic Chemistry(Organic Syntheses))
Academic Societies
Awards Banyu Youg Chemist Award(2003/05)
Committee Memberships
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Technical Supervision
Technical Consulting
Themes for Prospective Joint Research
Themes for Ongoing Research Organic Synthesis via Transition Metal Catalyst
Development of efficient organic synthesis
Research Themes in the Past
Literary Works, Books, Writings and Research Papers, Art Works, Industrial Products, Software, Sports Records, etc.
1 A. Shimizu, G. Hirata, G. Onodera, M. Kimura:Direct Allylation of Active Methylene Compounds with Allylic Alcohols by Use of Palladium/Phosphine-Borane Catalyst System¸Adv. Synth. Catal¸¸2018/04
2 B. Chan, Y. Luo, M. Kimura:What Practical Lesson Do We Learned from DFT Modeling¸Australian J. Chem.¸¸2018/04
3 M. Kimura:Recent Topics in the Syntheses of β-Keto Carboxylic Acids and the Derivatives¸Tetrahedron Letters¸59.1295-1300¸2018/03
4 Y. Mori, C. Shigeno, Y. Luo, B. Chan, G. Onodera, M. Kimura:Ni-Catalyzed Formal Carbonyl-Ene Reaction of Terminal Alkenes via Carbon Dioxide Insertion¸Synlett¸29.742-746¸2018/02
5 G. Hirata, H. Satomura, H. Kumagae, A. Shimizu, G. Onodera, M. Kimura:Direct Allylic Amination of Allylic Alcohol Catalyzed by Palladium Complex Bearing Phosphine-Borane Ligand¸Org. Lett.¸19.6148-6151¸2017/11
6 Ni-Catalyzed Three-component Coupling of 4-Methylene-2-oxazolidinones, Alkynes, and Trimethylaluminum¸Heterocycles¸95.¸2017/05
7 2) K. Kuge, Y. Luo, Y. Fujita, Y. Mori, G. Onodera, M. Kimura:Copper-Catalyzed Stereodefined Construction of Acrylic Acid Derivatives from Terminal Alkynes via CO2 Insertion¸ Org. Lett.¸19.854-857¸2017/02
8 Ryo Ninokata, Tatsuya Yamahira, Gen Onodera, Masanari Kimura:Nickel-Catalyzed CO2 Rearrangement of Enol Metal Carbonates for the Efficient Synthesis of β-Ketocarboxylic Acids¸Angew. Chem. Int. Ed¸56.1.208-211¸2016/12
9 Y. Mori, T. Kawabata, G. Onodera, M. Kimura,:Remarkably Selective Formation of Allenyl and Dienyl Alcohols via Ni-Catalyzed Coupling Reaction of Conjugated Enyne, Aldehyde, and Organozinc Reagents¸Synthesis¸in press.¸2016/04
10 Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Structure of Novel Cobalt(II) Complexes having Oligopyridine Ligands¸Polyhedron¸in press.¸2016/04
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2017 - * (Fall, 2nd year)
2016 - * (Fall, 2nd year of the MC)
2016 - * (Spring, 2nd year of the MC)
2016 - * (Spring, 4th year of the DC)
2016 - * (Entire 4th year of the DC)
2016 - * (Fall, 1st year of the MC)
2016 - * (Spring, 1st year of the MC)
2015 - * (Others¸1class/week )
2015 - * (Fall, 1st year of the DC¸1class/week )
2015 - * (Others¸1class/week )
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