Detailed Information
Full Name YAMADA Hirotoshi Date of Birth 1973/03
Affiliation Graduate school of Engineering Division of Chemistry and Materials Science
TEL +81-95-819-2861 FAX +81-95-819-2861
Job Title Associate Professor Academic Degrees /
Doctor (Engineering)(2001/03)
Master (Engineering)(1998/03)
Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) 810 points(2003/05)
Education 1996/03¸The University of Tokyo¸Faculty of Engineering¸Department of Chemical System Engineering¸Graduated
2001/03¸The University of Tokyo¸Graduate School, Division of Engineering¸Department of Applied Chemistry¸Doctor Course¸Completed
Employment Experience 2004/09 - 2005/09¸Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research¸Visiting Researcher
Specialties Inorganic industrial material
Academic Societies The Electrochemical Society of Japan¸The Electrochemical Society of Japan¸The Electrochemical Society¸The Chemical Society of Japan¸The Chemical Society of Japan¸The Chemical Society of Japan¸Materials Research Society
Committee Memberships
Ongoing Joint Research
Technical Supervision
Technical Consulting
Themes for Prospective Joint Research
Themes for Ongoing Research Lithium bromine battery
Research Themes in the Past Development of Composite Lithium Ion Conductor
Lithium Insertion to Mesoporous Metal Oxide
Literary Works, Books, Writings and Research Papers, Art Works, Industrial Products, Software, Sports Records, etc.
1 H. Yamada, T. Ito, R. Hongahally Basappa, R. Bekarevich, K. Mitsuishi:Influence of strain on local structure and lithium ionic conduction in garnet-type solid electrolyte¸Journal of Power Sources¸368.97-106¸2017/11
2 R. Hongahally Basappa, T. Ito, T. Morimura, R. Bekarevich, K. Mitsuishi, H. Yamada:Grain Boundary Modification to Suppress Lithium Penetration through Garnet-Type Solid Electrolyte¸Journal of Power Sources¸363.145-152¸2017/09
3 R. Hongahally Basappa, T. Ito, H. Yamada:Contact between Garnet-type Solid Electrolyte and Lithium Metal Anode: Influence on Charge Transfer Resistance and Short Circuit Prevention¸J. Electrochem. Soc.¸164.4.A666-A671¸2017/04
4 H. Yamada, T. Ito, R. Hongahally Basappa:Sintering Mechanisms of High-Performance Garnet-type Solid Electrolyte Densified by Spark Plasma Sintering¸Electrochimica Acta¸222.648-656¸2016/12
5 H. Yamada:Interfaces of Solid Electrolytes: Fundamentals and Applications¸J. Indian Inst. Sci.¸96.4.315-323¸2016/12
6 H. Yamada, K. Takemoto:Local structure and composition change at surface of lithium-ion conducting solid electrolyte¸Solid State Ionics¸285.41-46¸2016/02
7 K. Takemoto, H. Yamada:Development of rechargeable lithium-bromine batteries with lithium ion conducting solid electrolyte¸Journal of Power Sources¸281.334-340¸2015/05
8 H. Yamada, D. Tsunoe, S. Shiraishi, G. Isomichi:Reduced Grain Boundary Resistance by Surface Modification¸The Journal of Physical Chemistry C¸119.10.5412-5419¸2015/02
9 H. Yamada, N. Ide, J. Iihara:Distortion of Ions in Nanoporous Electrode Revealed by in-situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy¸The Journal of Physical Chemistry C¸119.9.4736-4741¸2015/02
10 H. Yamada, I. Saruwatari, N. Kuwata, J. Kawamura:Local Structure of Thermally Stable Super Ionic Conducting AgI Confined in Mesopores¸The Journal of Physical Chemistry C¸118.23845-23852¸2014/09
Research Activities, etc
Participation in Lectures and Seminars Organized by Private Bodies
1 DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF INTERFACES OF ALL-SOLID-STATE Li-ION BATTERY¸The 7th Asian Conference on Electrochemical Power Sources¸2013/11
2 INTERFACIAL PHENOMENA BETWEEN LITHIUM ION CONDUCTORS AND CATHODES¸19th International Conference on Solid State Ionics¸2013/06
3 Lithium Depletion in the Solid Electrolyte Adjacent to Cathode¸222th Electrochemical Society¸2012/10
5 Ion Conduction at Interfaces between Solid Electrolyte and Electrode¸The 7th Asian Conference on Electrochemistry¸2010/05
6 Proton Conducting Membrane Prepared from Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Precursor for Intermediate Temperature Fuel Cells¸Nagasaki Symposium on Nano-Dynamics 2009¸2009/01
7 Local structure of high Ag ion conductors loaded in nanopores¸214th Electrochemical Society¸2008/10
8 Enhanced Ionic Conductivity of Monovalent Cation Halide (AgBr, AgI, LiI) in Mesoporous Alumina¸Nagasaki Symposium on Nano-Dynamics 2008¸2008/01
9 Electric Double Layer Capacitors on Hierarchical Porous Carbons¸Nagasaki Symposium on Nano-Dynamics 2008¸2008/01
10 Fabrication and lithium insertion properties of nano-porous graphitized carbons¸16th International Conference on Solid State Ionics¸2007/07
Education Information
2017 (Fall, 1st year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 50.00%)
2017 (Fall, 3rd year)
2017 (Fall, 3rd year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 50.00%)
2017 (Fall, 2nd year¸2class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 100.00%)
2017 (Spring, 1st year of the MC¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 100.00%)
2016 (Fall, 1st year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 50.00%)
2016 (Fall, 2nd year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 100.00%)
2016 (Fall, 3rd year)
2016 (Fall, 3rd year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 50.00%)
2015 (Fall, 2nd year¸1class/week ¸Contribution to teaching : 100.00%)
Others (Self promotion, etc.)