Detailed Information
Full Name NISHIDA Noriyuki Date of Birth 1965/02
Affiliation Institute of Biomedical Sciences 
TEL +81-95-819-7059 FAX +81-95-819-7060
Job Title Professor Academic Degrees /
Medical doctor(1991/05)
Education 1991/03¸University of the Ryukyus¸Faculty of Medicine¸Graduated
1997/03¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School, Division of Medicine¸Doctor Course¸Completed
Employment Experience 2006/04 - 2009/06¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences¸Infection Research¸Associate Professor
2009/07 - *¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences¸Infection Research¸Professor
Specialties Virology
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Themes for Prospective Joint Research
Themes for Ongoing Research Diagnosis of Human Prion Diseases
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1 Sano K, Atarashi R, Satoh K, Ishibashi D, Nakagaki T, Iwasaki Y, Yoshida M, Murayama S, Mishima K, Nishida N.:Prion-Like Seeding of Misfolded α-Synuclein in the Brains of Dementia with Lewy Body Patients in RT-QUIC.¸Molecular Neurobiology¸55.5.3916-3930¸2018/05
2 3. Miyazaki Y, Ishikawa T, Kamatari YO, Nakagaki T, Takatsuki H, Ishibashi D, Kuwata K, Nishida N, Atarashi R.: Identification of Alprenolol Hydrochloride as an Anti-prion Compound Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging.¸Mol Neurobiol.¸00.00.00¸2018/04
3 Yamaguchi S, Horie N, Satoh K, Ishikawa T, Mori T, Maeda H, Fukuda Y, Ishizaka S, Hiu T, Morofuji Y, Izumo T, Nishida N, Matsuo T.:Age of donor of human mesenchymal stem cells affects structural and functional recovery after cell therapy following ischaemic stroke.¸Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism¸0.0.0¸2017/09
4 3. Watanabe K, Ishikawa T, Otaki H, Mizuta S, Hamada T, Nakagaki T, Ishibashi D, Urata S, Yasuda J, Tanaka Y, Nishida N.:Structure-based drug discovery for combating influenza virus by targeting the PA-PB1 interaction.¸Scientific Reports¸7.1.9500¸2017/08
5 Satoh K, Atarashi R, Nishida N:Real-Time Quaking-Induced Conversion for Diagnosis of Prion Disease.¸SPRINGER¸2017/08
6 Makau JN, Watanabe K, Ishikawa T, Mizuta S, Hamada T, Kobayashi N, Nishida N.:Identification of small molecule inhibitors for influenza a virus using in silico and in vitro approaches.¸PLoS One¸12.3.e0173582¸2017/03
7 Taguchi Y, Nishida N.:Secondary-structure prediction revisited: Theoretical β-sheet propensity and coil propensity represent structures of amyloids and aid in elucidating phenomena involved in interspecies transmission of prions.¸PLoS One¸12.2.0171974-¸2017/02
8 Kawasaki M, Fuchigami T, Kobashi N, Nakagaki T, Sano K, Atarashi R, Yoshida S, Haratake M, Nishida N, Nakayama M.:Development of radioiodinated acridine derivatives for in vivo imaging of prion deposits in the brain.¸Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry¸25.3.1085-1093¸2017/02
9 Takatsuki H, Fuse T, Nakagaki T, Mori T, Mihara B, Takao M, Iwasaki Y, Yoshida M, Murayama S, Atarashi R, Nishida N, Satoh K.:Prion-Seeding Activity Is widely Distributed in Tissues of Sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Patients. ¸EBioMedicine¸12.150-155¸2016/10
10 Ishibashi D, Nakagaki T, Ishikawa T, Atarashi R, Watanabe K, Cruz FA, Hamada T, Nishida N.:Structure-Based Drug Discovery for Prion Disease Using a Novel Binding Simulation.¸EBioMedicine.¸9.238-249¸2016/07
Research Activities, etc
Participation in Lectures and Seminars Organized by Private Bodies
1 CSF analysis of patients with human prion disease¸Asian Pacific Prion Symposium 2014¸2014/07
2 Wild distribution of seeding activity in sporadic CJD patients¸Asian Pacific Prion Symposium 2014¸2014/07
3 Metabolism of PrPsc differs depending on prion strains¸Prion 2014- Trieste¸2014/05
4 Conformational properties of prion strains can be transmitted to recombinant prion protein fibrils in real-time quaking-induced conversion¸Prion 2014- Trieste¸2014/05
5 Application of the vitro prion amplification method RT-QuIC to the early diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease¸Asian Association of Aging Research¸2013/11
6 aaa¸第32回日本分子生物学会¸2009/12
7 aaa¸第39回日本免疫学会総会・学術集会¸2009/12
8 aaa¸日本生物物理学会年会¸2009/10
9 aaa¸第57回日本ウイルス学会学術集会¸2009/10
10 aaa¸第57回日本ウイルス学会学術集会¸2009/10
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