Detailed Information
Full Name NAKAYAMA Hideki Date of Birth
Affiliation Graduate School of Fisheries Science and Environmental Studies Environmental science
Job Title Professor Academic Degrees /
Doctor (Biological Sciences)(2000/03)
Master (Biological Sciences)(1997/03)
Bachelor(Environmental Engineering) (1995/03)
Education 1995/03¸Osaka University¸Faculty of Engineering¸Department of Environmental Engineering¸Graduated
1997/03¸Nara Institute of Science and Technology¸Graduate School, Division of Biological Science¸Division of Cell Biology¸Master Course¸Completed
2000/03¸Nara Institute of Science and Technology¸Graduate School, Division of Biological Science¸Division of Cell Biology¸Doctor Course¸Completed
Employment Experience 1997/04 - 2000/03¸Japan Society for the Promotion of Science¸Research Fellow (DC1)
2000/04 - 2002/03¸Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Nara Institute of Science and Technology¸Academic Secretarial Assistant
2002/04 - 2004/06¸Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, University of California at Berkeley¸Researcher
2004/07 - 2007/03¸Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Nara Institute of Science and Technology¸Research Associate
2007/04 - 2009/06¸Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Nara Institute of Science and Technology¸Assistant Professor
2009/07 - 2011/09¸Organization of Advanced Science and Technology, Kobe University¸Assistant Professor
2011/10 - 2018/03¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School of Fisheries Science and Environmental Studies¸Environmental science¸Associate Professor
2018/04 - *¸Nagasaki University¸Graduate School of Fisheries Science and Environmental Studies¸Environmental science¸Professor
Specialties Environmental technology/environmental material¸Bio-function/bioprocesses¸Applied molecular cell biology
Academic Societies Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry¸The Society of Chemical Engieering, Japan¸The Japanese Society for Extremophiles¸Japanese Society for Marine Biotechnology¸Japanese Society for Plant Cell and Molecular Biology¸The Society for Biotechnology, Japan
Awards Poster presentation award 2010 in 11th annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Extremophiles(2010/11)
2012 Excellent Paper Award of the Society for Biotechnology, Japan(2012/10)
Committee Memberships
Ongoing Joint Research Improvement of high-efficacy oral delivery system and cost-effective production of VP28 peptides to protect shrimp against White-Spot Syndrome Virus infection for sustainable shrimp farming
Technical Supervision
Technical Consulting
Themes for Prospective Joint Research
Themes for Ongoing Research
Research Themes in the Past
Literary Works, Books, Writings and Research Papers, Art Works, Industrial Products, Software, Sports Records, etc.
1 Hideki Nakayama:Screening of metal-binding proteins using genomic information¸CMC Publishing CO., LTD.¸2015/07
2 Hideki Nakayama:Bioadsorption technology using arming Halomonas elongata cells¸CMC Publishing CO., LTD.¸2015/07
3 Hideki NAKAYAMA:Genomic information and alkali-metal-cation transport proteins , Metal-biotechnology for saving the earth-Microbe and metal-resouece - (Yamashita and Sei eds.)¸Seizando-shoten Publishing CO., LTD.¸2014/06
4 Kosuke Tanimura, Hideki Nakayama, Tsutomu Tanaka, Akihiko Kondo:Ectoine production from lignocellulosic biomass-derived sugars by engineered Halomonas elongata¸Bioresource Technology¸142.523-529¸2013/08
5 Hideki NAKAYAMA:Development of metal biotechology for high salinity environments, Frontier of Biotechnology for Recycling -Recycle Biotechnology- (Ueda M eds.)¸CMC Publishing CO., LTD.¸2013/05
6 Hideki Nakayama:Halophilic bacteria: salt-stress adaptation and biotechnological application¸seibutsu-kogaku kaishi¸90.11.696-700¸2012/11
7 Hirokazu Kaneda, Takeshi Matsui, Ryosuke Tomiyasu, Yukako Kuroda, Yuka Higashimoto, Tomoka Oda, Hitoshi Miyasaka, Hiroshi Okuhata, Satoshi Tanaka, Kazuo Harada, Hideyuki Matsuura, Hideki Nakayama, Ko Kato, Kazumasa Hirata:Isolation of polyphenol oxidase genes from Portulaca oleracea and evaluation of their ability to metabolize endocrine-disrupting chemicals¸Plant Biotechnology¸29.351-357¸2012/09
8 Hideki NAKAYAMA:Metal biotechology using genomic information of a halophilic bacterium, In Industrial Application of Extremophiles (Imanaka T eds.)¸CMC Publishing CO., LTD.¸2012/08
9 Chihiro Takahashi, Junki Shirakawa, Takeyuki Tsuchidate, Naoko Okai, Kazuki Hatada, Hideki Nakayama, Toshihiro Tateno, Chiaki Ogino, Akihiko Kondo:Robust production of gamma-amino butyric acid using recombinant Corynebacterium glutamicum expressing glutamate decarboxylase from Escherichia coli¸Enzyme and Microbial Technology¸51.171-176¸2012/08
10 Kiyotaka Y. Hara, Kentaro Kiriyama, Akiko Inagaki, Hideki Nakayama, Akihiko Kondo:Improvement of glutathione production by metabolic engineering the sulfate assimilation pathway of Saccharomyces cerevisiae¸Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology¸94.5.1313-1319¸2012/06
Research Activities, etc
2 Production method of compatible solutes¸特願2011-94455
3 Production method of dimethylglycine¸特願2011-201192
Participation in Lectures and Seminars Organized by Private Bodies
1 Production of functional feed additives using cell-surface engineering of the moderate halophile Halomonas elongata for sustainable shrimp farming¸第53回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2016/07
2 Ectoine production from putrefactive non-volatile amines in the moderate halophile Halomonas elongata¸第53回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2016/07
3 Manganese oxide-biomineralization by the psychrophilic marine bacterium, Arthrobacter sp. NI-2¸第53回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2016/07
4 Characterization of Cesium ion efflux pump in baker yeast¸第52回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2015/06
5 Characterization of selenate reduction deficient mutants of Halomonas elongata¸第52回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2015/06
6 Development of Agrobacterium-Mediatod transformation method for crabtree-negative yeasts¸第52回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2015/06
7 High-efficient production of Anti-WSSV oral vaccine using cell-surface engineering technology of the halophilic eubacterium, Halmonas elongata, for sustainable shrimp farming¸第52回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2015/06
8 Enhanced Methionine biosynthesis in mutator strain of the halophilic eubacterium, Halomonas elongata¸第52回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2015/06
9 Generating Cu(II) ion-captureing arming cells with Cu(II) ion-sensor system¸第51回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2014/06
10 Generating mutator strain of Halomonas elongata with higher methionine productivity ¸第51回化学関連支部合同九州大会¸2014/06
Education Information
2014 (Spring, 1st year of the DC)
2014 - * (Spring, 1st year¸Contribution to teaching : 100.00%)
2014 - * Water Environment Seminars (Spring, 1st year¸Contribution to teaching : 20.00%)
2013 - * Environmental Field Study I (Spring, 1st year¸Contribution to teaching : 25.00%)
2012 - * Special Seminar (Entire 1st year of the MC)
2012 - * Advanced Environmental Chemistry (Fall, 1st year of the DC)
2012 - * (Spring , 3rd year)
2012 - * (Fall, 2nd year)
2012 - * Research Seminar Ⅰ (Entire 1st year of the MC)
2012 - * Research Seminar (Entire 4th year)
Others (Self promotion, etc.)